How to get push notifications on Mutter, using ZNC and Ubuntu 16.10

ZNC is an IRC bouncer server software. Mutter is the iOS client of my choice (was a Colloquy fan for years, but it’s not being actively updated anymore). This is a quick guide on how to receive push notifications each time you get a private message or a keyword (username) is mentioned.

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Use voice commands on your Mac just like in Westworld

If you’ve watched Westworld, you should be familiar with the voice commands Westworld’s staff uses on the hosts. I wondered if I can remotely lock my MacBook as well, using just my voice. I hardly deliver my commands with Anthony Hopkin’s gravity, but I can now say “Okay, that’s enough” from across the room and my computer will lock… just like that!

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Less is a bore:
The Hamburger Menu

“Less is More” has been the slogan of reasoning for a series of design trends (including flat design, fullscreen background images, hamburger menus). But design should not be based on slogans.

Design is a communication, plain and simple. It should work for the users. Yet, some designers are misguided in their quest for a clean visual-design strategy. They cut or hide important elements, only to fulfil their own artistic aspirations. Design does not happen in a vacuum. Continue reading “Less is a bore:
The Hamburger Menu”

Send emails with Amazon SES from inside your app

It’s been almost two years since I decided to move to Amazon SES for sending emails and I couldn’t be happier. Depending on the projects I’m running, there are times I need to send at least 50.000 emails per month. Here’s a starting guide for developers, written in PHP.

Without services like Amazon SES, email infrastructure can be too expensive for many of us to run. And I don’t even want to think about how time consuming maintaining it is. Once you add the deliverability trouble, outsourcing emails to an external service starts looking more attractive. You don’t want your emails landing in SPAM folders or being rejected, do you?

Gmail’s Promotions tab: why we should embrace it

It’s been a few years since Gmail’s Promotions tab was implemented. Its effect on marketing metrics so far has been surprising.

I have a particular client who is constantly worried about their emails landing in Gmail’s Promotions tab (looking at you, Sofia).

There are three default tabs. Primary being reserved for emails from people you know or important alerts. Under Social you’ll find transactional messages—like your uncle sending you FarmVille requests on Facebook . And last but most least, the Promotions tab, aka. the abyss of marketing and bulk emails we marketers send.

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